I interact with several young singers who are struggling with the quality of their voice. I have discovered that most of them lack the basic tips that should guide their singing.

As a music coach, I like referring my students to this site for great singing tips http://www.skillofhappiness.com/check-these-tips-for-improving-your-singing-skills.php.

In the meantime, let us look at some five singing tips that can instantly enhance your vocal performance.

Open Your Mouth

Opening the mouth is an aspect I find most beginning artists overlooking. Did you know that opening the mouth a little more while singing causes a huge difference in the quality of sound you produce?

I find most upcoming singers having a problem I refer to as ‘lazy mouth syndrome.’ Not opening your mouth is among the primary causes of a muffled and mumbling sound.

Consider your body to be an instrument like a trumpet or saxophone. These music instruments have to open up widely to produce a good sound. You don’t have to block your mouth since it’s the major opening that releases sound.

If you think you are opening your mouth wide enough, try singing your favorite song in front of a mirror and see how wide you open your mouth. You can improve your sound instantly by opening the mouth wide enough.

You can learn more on how to open your mouth while singing from this link

Sing with Confidence

Singing with confidence makes a huge difference between sounding great and average. Being confident implies that you project your voice out as you hold on the notes with sufficient support of breath.

Two actions will inform your audience that you understand the notes you are singing and you have no fear of performing them.

First, sing as if you are at home and no one is listening to you. You should also permit yourself to sing loudly, and you will find yourself sounding better within no time.

Avoid Ice Cream

You need to understand that ice cream and other milk products produce excess phlegm that is the worst enemy of singers. This product gets at the back of the throat, and you have to empty it during the singing session.

The phlegm may sneak up on you and cause you to produce a cracking sound while the phlegm pushes aside the air. It’s better to leave out the chocolate and go out for the peppermint tea.

Warm up Before any Singing Session

I compare the life of a singer to that of an athlete, especially when explaining singing techniques. You replace the muscles of a singer with his or her voice box.

It will take you a little longer to get started if you go out without warming up.

You can also increase your chances of injury if you decide to sing without warming up. I have made it a practice to take close to ten to fifteen minutes of practice, and my voice improves significantly after that.

Warming assists me to achieve higher notes and makes them sound even better. Therefore, you have to practice for some few minutes before you step on stage.