I have come across several kids who gravitate towards learning to play the bass guitar either because they identify with the musical instrument player in their favorite band or after starting out on electric.

There is an inherent desire for your child to switch to the bass guitar after playing solo for about two years.

Such a move will allow your child to be part of the school or neighborhood band.  The spout fire site provides a wealth of information when it comes to music and children.

The best gift you can give to such a child is buying him a bass guitar. You will agree with me that the demand for bass guitar players has been on the rise. Getting your child this instrument will give him the right foundation to explore future opportunities.

One question you could be asking yourself is what the best bass guitar is for your child. The market has several bass guitars for kids, and the challenge is how to make the right choice.

Here is a review of three best bass guitars you can get for your son or daughter.

Fender Squier Bronco

The most appealing thing about starting with this base guitar is that it has a similar cool styling like that of its elder brothers within the same product line. The brand has a single middle pickup with tone and volume adjustments.

This brand is a basic solid music instrument that comes at a pocket-friendly price. It is a light weight guitar that has a short 30-inch scale which perfectly fits kids who are eight years of age and above.

Ibanez Mikro Short Scaled Brand, GSRM20 Bass Guitar Model

This brand is the best choice for any kid who is transitioning from the solo guitar to a bass one. It has a 26.8 neck inch that is not very different from other guitars. The device allows scales and guitar licks to be transferred over with much ease.

The guitar fits very well on small hands hence it’s the best instrument for little kids. Given that the brand has a small size, it comes with a great sound right from the box.

You can also find this model at very reasonable prices. You can visit this link to get some insight on beginner’s bass guitar:

Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass Guitar Brand in Cherry Red

It is very hard to beat this electric bass guitar brand since it has a classic SG shape and comes in an excellent cherry red. This brand is the most expensive bass guitar brand among the three, but it still costs less than 200 dollars.

The EB-0 attributes such as the chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard that has a dot inlay, South Winder bass humbucker pickup, and a fully adjustable three point bridge.

The main advantage of the SG cutaway shape is that it gives the player an easy access to the frets allowing him to play high tones. The guitar has a booming bass sound at such a price level with a very solid construction.

In conclusion, these are the top three bass guitars for younger players that come at a cheap price. You can never go wrong if you get your child who has an interest in playing bass one of these brands.